Fiori sculpture

Fiori Sculptures


The Fiori sculpture composes of slender-stemmed wooden flowers, which variously grouped, capture the moment of calm and freedom sometimes experienced in nature. Each flower is handcrafted using a variety of techniques. The sculpture can perform many roles: a sole sculpture tenderly comfortable in its loneliness or a group of sculptures growing into a striking group as a eyecatcher in a space. It lives with the changing demands of its environment.


Antrei Hartikainen (b. 1991) is a master cabinetmaker and designer from Finland known for his exquisite works in wood. The award-winning pieces, including functional products and pure art works, achieve heights of sensuality, elegance and craftsmanship that place them with the finest examples of modern Nordic carpentry. 


Dimension of the base: 60 x 60 cm or 60 x 120 cm

Height: 130-160 cm

Material: Ash (Base) and Linden (Flowers)

Finish: Stained Black


Poiat Fiori sculptures 1
Poiat Fiori sculptures 2
Poiat Fiori sculptures 3
Poiat Fiori sculptures 4
Poiat Fiori sculptures 5

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