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Fiori - sculptures


Alongside the Fiori table collection, Poiat has introduced a delicate floor sculpture as part of its Fiori collection.  The Fiori Sculptures are designed by the master cabinet maker and the Young Designer of the Year 2018 Antrei Hartikainen.

Each item in the Fiori collection features exquisite flowers that are handcrafted to the final touch. Somewhere between art and design, no two flowers in the Fiori collection are alike. 

The Fiori sculpture can perform many roles: a sole sculpture tenderly comfortable in its loneliness or a group of sculptures growing into a striking group as a eyecatcher in public spaces. Like the Fiori tables, the floor sculpture is transformable and easily portable to a new location. It lives with the changing demands of its environment.

The Fiori floor sculpture won the Product of the Year award in the design gala Muoto in 2017 during Helsinki Design Week. 

Dimension of the base: 60 x 60 cm or 60 x 120 cm

Height 130-160 cm

Material: Stained black ash


Poiat Fiori sculptures 1
Poiat Fiori sculptures 2
Poiat Fiori sculptures 3
Poiat Fiori sculptures 4
Poiat Fiori sculptures 5

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